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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Double Duty and the Breakfast of Champions

So a few of my work friends have been crazy enough to let me put together weekly workouts for us, dubbed "Therapy Bootcamp" (we're a bunch of social workers and family therapists).  Each week we brave the bugs & the heat, both of which are plentiful this time of year, and meet up for some early morning CrossFit-style fun. At least they tell me they're having fun, even if it hurts just a little bit.

Since I'm the regular CrossFitter in the group, it's up to me to put together our workouts, which I LOVE!  I get to challenge myself and my friends, and be a little creative as well.  A particularly successful Therapy Bootcamp WOD (Workout of the Day) including an "animal" segment involving bear crawls, donkey kicks, crab walks & frog jumps, and I'm proud to say we all brought out our inner 5-year-old.

So I couldn't very well leave them hanging yesterday, despite having an indoor CrossFit Central class at 8am. A double duty day!

Here's what I looked like afterwards:

Therapy Bootcamp WOD

Warm-up 10 minutes
3 rounds for time:
25 superman
25 mountain climbers
25 situps
10 tricep dips
run approx. 300 meters

My time- 11:20

CrossFit Central WOD

Warm-up (this one included hateful burpee broad jumps)
8 rounds for time:
12 jump squats
8 clapping pushups
12 one-arm snatch (I used 20# db)

My time- 17:38

The 8 rounds really took a force of will to power through.  I was the only girl in class and didn't have my usual fab Coach Crystal, but working out with the guys and Carey kept me motivated to work my butt off and I held my own with them. My clapping pushups consisted of knee pushups with a one-hand slap to the chest between each one, leaving me with one hell of a skinned knee.  Far from feeling depleted after these WODs, I felt energetic and ready for the day.  Then I got home to fix my breakfast of champions!

2 fried farmers market eggs
1/2 cup whipped sweet potatoes
handful of blueberries with a little greek yogurt

Mmmmm. And sweet potatoes are an awesome alternative to boring old white potatoes, which aside from being the nightshade arch-nemesis of my bf are also pretty high up there on the list of foods that skyrocket your blood sugar.  Make the switch to this pretty little tuber and you won't regret it.


  1. #1. You KNOW I love the bear crawl and I am now officially envious of your animal workout.

    #2. YOU are an animal -- double CrossFit workouts in this heat and humidity. I bow in awe.

    #3. One-arm snatch + any kind of clapping pushup sounds VERY demanding. Great job, Blake!

    #4. I'm so glad you shared your breakfast idea because I've been eating the same cubed-sweet-potatoes + egg whites for ages. I'm going to try whipped/mashed sweet spuds with my fried egg whites next time. And here's an idea for you: I'm also thinking about making little muffins with cubes of baked sweet potatoes plopped into a muffin tin, then topped with egg whites and baked. Portable post-workout nutrition!

  2. Mmmm, I love the portable power breakfast idea! Let me know how it goes, and I may have to try that myself. The egg/sweet potato combo is divine, and kind of unexpected. Thanks for the sweetness, doll.

  3. The sweet potatoes were delicious. You rock.